Didirikan pada 2014, Skymind adalah startup yang didukung VC yang berkantor pusat di San Francisco. Pendukung termasuk Y Combinator, Tencent, SV Angel, dan investor terkenal A.S. dan internasional lainnya. Kami bekerja dengan lusinan perusahaan Fortune 2000 dan agen pemerintah, dan kami bermitra dengan pembuat perangkat keras seperti Cisco, NVIDIA, dan Intel untuk menghadirkan infrastruktur AI yang dapat diskalakan.

Perusahaan Skymind Inc.
Ditemukan Chris Nicholson, CEO
Adam Gibson, Chief Scientist
Didirikan November 27, 2014
Kantor Pusat 1328 Mission Street, Suite 9, San Francisco, CA 94103
Karyawan 55 (As of November 1, 2018)
International Skymind AI Limited (China, Southeast Asia, India, Middle East), Skymind KK (Japan)
Focus Industries Fortune 500 Banks, Telcos, Manufacturers, Insurers, and Government
Products Eclipse Deeplearning4j (Open-Source),Skymind Platform (Closed-Source)
Total Funding $17.5M Series A


The Skymind team consists of data scientists, data engineers, and architects distributed across the globe.

Chris Nicholson

Co-Founder and CEO

Adam Gibson

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Natalie Cleaver

VP Business Operations

Shawn Tan

CEO/Director - Skymind AI Limited

Shu Wei Goh

CTO/Director - Skymind AI Limited

Eduardo Gonzalez

VP Engineering

Ty Wang

VP Business Development

Edward Junprung

Head of Marketing

Chiawei Lim

VP Engineering - Skymind AI Limited


Deeplearning4j Co-Lead

Alex Black

Deeplearning4j Co-Lead


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What is Skymind?

Skymind is the company behind Eclipse Deeplearning4j, the most widely-used, open-source, deep-learning library for the JVM.

What do you sell?

We sell licensing and support for the Skymind Platform. Our business model is most akin to the open-core business models practiced by companies such as Elastic.

How are you unique?

Skymind provides one of the few solutions designed specifically for on-premise deployments. On-premise requirements are crucial for businesses operating in heavily regulated environments such as banking and insurance.

Who uses our software?

We cater to enterprises seeking to implement AI within big data infrastructure. We typically interact with IT teams who require enterprise-grade solutions for deploying and managing AI infrastructure at scale.


Skymind is funded and advised by top venture capital firms and investors.

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